Gort Framing Studio

Debbie Hunt. Paintings.


The Gort Framing Studio is pleased to be displaying Debbie Hunt’s expressive and colourful paintings. 

There is also a collection of smaller original signed watercolours, and printed images of her work. 

Opting out of conventional education, (fine art) Debbie took to the road and traveled with a donkey in Morocco that led to a life on the road with horses and wagons in Southern Ireland. She had children, goats, dogs, chickens, mares and foals and lived this way of life for 15 years. Always the artist she built wagons and other horse drawn carts and painted them in an original version inspired by the gypsy decorations. Settling in West of Ireland in 1999 she concentrated on painting and had several successful solo shows. Currently Debbie's is practicing her art in wild and wonderful places, the results being deeply rich and expressive paintings.


The King Rules With Her Heart .    Painted in Morocco.


Blue Love .       ( The symbols say blue love in arabic) 


Rock, Sea, Sun, Sinai,   ( Painted in Egypt)

  Buckets of Love. 

 Buckets of Love. 

“ Debbie is a highly creative intuitive, her work brings dream like mirroring of the inner world, the subconscious, the spirit world...her natural playfulness  , curiosity and joy flows through all she creates.. “   Rae Lunt, writer. 

  long Live Painting 

 long Live Painting 

contat Debbie Hunt through  http://www.artistdebhunt.com

This exhibition will be on in Gort Framing Studio until mid June 2019.