Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
— John Maeda

Enquiries are always welcome, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. We will only be too happy to talk to you!


Photographs, prints, newspaper articles, posters etc all come in a variety of sizes, we make the mount, glass and frame to fit in a moulding of your choice. Hanging or standing. Captions can also be added in a separate small window.


We create multi windows for displaying numerous images within the same frame . 


Graduation and degrees. Make the most of your achievements with a classy frame and mount. (Don’t forget to copy your certificate first, for future use).

Concert tickets, baby shoes, vinyl records, golf balls, Grandma’s favourite toy as a child, We can frame almost anything including a collection of items. 

Box Frame:
We can set your pieces in a box frame with mount. Box frames protect the items from lying in direct contact with glass, preserving them for longer.

Shadow Box:
When the mount sits against the glass with the item behind it.  The item itself can also be floated, raising it from the backboard, enhancing its display by creating a sense of space around it.  

Sports Jerseys:

All sizes. Displayed with in a Box Frame If you do not need to see the full jersey, we are experts at folding them into a smaller space, whilst still displaying signatures and logos.  


Often these large pieces come rolled up. We can drymount them to give them an even smooth surface. After that you can choose your frame or mount and frame. 

Canvases and canvas boards  

We stock an extensive variety of frames for using with canvas/boards including tray frames and deep rebate frames. Glass is not always needed as part of the framing depending on the medium of the painting.