Artist’s Materials

We now stock a range of artist’s materials. Essential supplies at reasonable prices! A good range of colours of Winston and Newton artist oil paints, watercolour and acrylics, as well as canvases, paper pads, charcoal, and gesso. No need to travel further afield to the big towns for that one tube you have run out of! Parking is usually easily found in front of the shop. For a full list of stock see below...but we will be adding to this stock as time goes on , and when the customer demand is there, so let us know what you would be interested in. 



  Galeria Acrylic are wonderfully affordable and yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality. They are made with a high level of pigment and created opaque versions of some naturally transparent colours. You'll find their texture buttery enough for quick and easy coverage, but thick enough for brush marks to remain, should you want them. 60ml tubes for €4.50 

  • Winton oil paint is bright and beautiful, this affordable range of colours is perfect for artists who need large quantities of colour. All of the tones have been carefully made to bring out the best of each pigment, so you can create bold and vibrant artworks. We think you'll be very pleased with the results. We have a good range of colours , 37ml tubes for €4.50 each. 



The ever popular Cotman Water Colours come in loads of beautiful tones. They're affordable but uncompromising on quality -  they have excellent tinting strength and are easy to work with. We have these 8 ml tubes for €3.35 each 


Reeves Pastel Paper Pads are ideal for your soft or oil pastel works of art. Produced with a great tooth for laying down pastel and repeated layering, each pad has 16 sheets of 180gsm pastel paper, in a selection of light shades (pink, green, yellow, grey). We stock the A3  for €9 


arts materials we have in the shop at the moment include... 

the above paints,

Essential canvases, various sizes from €4.50  

sketch pads, acrylic pads, pastel pads A3 ,  €9 

watercolour pads A4 , €6 


linseed oil

spray varnish - Ghiant H2O Water Based Varnishes give the same results as traditional aerosol-spray varnishes, but have 90 % fewer solvents and 35% fewer VOCs than normal aerosol sprays

boxes of soft pastels, oils pastels, willow charcoal and charcoal pencils.  

a selection of packs of brushes which we will be expanding on. 

Don’t forget to let us know what materials you would be interested in , and we hope to see you in the framing studio soon. 

Regards, Shona and Andreas.