Design is where science and art break even.
— Robin Mathew

Enquiries are welcome, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requests. We will only be too happy to talk to you!

All our frames are made from timber mouldings. All sourced from renewable resources.


The board we use is acid free and museum quality. We recommend using a mount as it helps to preserve artwork by lifting it off the glass, as well as having aesthetic qualities.

We can make any size of mount and window size and have numerous shades and colours in stock. 


Standard frames – an extensive choice of mouldings of various sizes, designs and colours in stock. This includes box , deep rebate and tray frames.

Exclusive frames- gorgeous hand finished Italian mouldings.  Samples on display and available to order.

Ash Frames

Ash is a timber pale in colour and very versatile.  It can  be lime washed (white) or stained any colour to suit. We stock a variety of ash mouldings.

Tray Framing

 For oils and acrylic paintings that do not require glass.

Box Frames

A deep-sided frame ideal for the display of 3d pieces, textiles, sports jerseys,  memorabilia etc.

Shadow box

(Deep box)  – Box frame with a mount that is positioned on the glass, ideal for framing certain 3d pieces, textiles, collage, memorabilia etc.

Canvas stretching

We can stretch painted or raw canvas onto a stretch bar.

Dry Mount

A traditional technique using a dry mount heat press, smoothing out any 2d work/posters onto an adhesive backing.

Self adhesive card

Acid free card and foam board. Results are similar to the Dry mount above, except this technique does not involve heat, making it ideal for oil pastel paintings etc.


Ask to see the visible difference between the following glass that we can offer:

PICTURE GLASS (FLOAT GLASS) - standard quality.

ULTRA VIEW GLASS - Non-reflective, 98% colour true and 78% uv proof.

MUSEUM GLASS - Non reflective, 95% U.V proof. Amazing clarity.  Pricey, but it can be worth every penny!

GLASS REPLACEMENT - We can replace the broken glass in most picture frames.

MIRROR-GLASS - We can make/replace Mirror-Glass.