Pete lambert

Occassionaly we ask our customers if they would like to exhibit in the shop. Pete was asked, and he came back to us around a year later with his newest artwork. We love the colours, texture and boldness of his painting. 

Kilbeacanty man, Pete Lambert, has been painting for the last 7 years and enjoying every minute of it.  


He works primarily with acrylics and his pieces embrace colour and the abstract. He likes to put on some jazz and see where the painting takes him.  



He has no one artistic hero but is inspired by the likes of Japanese printmaker , Hokusai, the design of Saul Bass and the photography of Franco Fontana .  



If you would like to enquire further about Pete Lambert’s paintings, please visit the studio for contact information. 

Pete Lambert’s art work will be on display in Gort Framing Studio  until the end of April 2019.