Debbie Hunt. Paintings.


The Gort Framing Studio is pleased to be displaying Debbie Hunt’s expressive and colourful paintings. 

There is also a collection of smaller original signed watercolours, and printed images of her work. 

Opting out of conventional education, (fine art) Debbie took to the road and traveled with a donkey in Morocco that led to a life on the road with horses and wagons in Southern Ireland. She had children, goats, dogs, chickens, mares and foals and lived this way of life for 15 years. Always the artist she built wagons and other horse drawn carts and painted them in an original version inspired by the gypsy decorations. Settling in West of Ireland in 1999 she concentrated on painting and had several successful solo shows. Currently Debbie's is practicing her art in wild and wonderful places, the results being deeply rich and expressive paintings.


The King Rules With Her Heart .    Painted in Morocco.


Blue Love .       ( The symbols say blue love in arabic) 


Rock, Sea, Sun, Sinai,   ( Painted in Egypt)

  Buckets of Love. 

 Buckets of Love. 

“ Debbie is a highly creative intuitive, her work brings dream like mirroring of the inner world, the subconscious, the spirit world...her natural playfulness  , curiosity and joy flows through all she creates.. “   Rae Lunt, writer. 

  long Live Painting 

 long Live Painting 

contat Debbie Hunt through

This exhibition will be on in Gort Framing Studio until mid June 2019.   

Pete lambert

Occassionaly we ask our customers if they would like to exhibit in the shop. Pete was asked, and he came back to us around a year later with his newest artwork. We love the colours, texture and boldness of his painting. 

Kilbeacanty man, Pete Lambert, has been painting for the last 7 years and enjoying every minute of it.  


He works primarily with acrylics and his pieces embrace colour and the abstract. He likes to put on some jazz and see where the painting takes him.  



He has no one artistic hero but is inspired by the likes of Japanese printmaker , Hokusai, the design of Saul Bass and the photography of Franco Fontana .  



If you would like to enquire further about Pete Lambert’s paintings, please visit the studio for contact information. 

Pete Lambert’s art work will be on display in Gort Framing Studio  until the end of April 2019. 

Steve Stapleton - collage album covers

An unusual and exciting opportunity to see the prolific Steve Stapleton’s art work within his local vicinity. These are his original artworks designed for album covers.  

Steve lives locally, and quietly. Over the waters he is an acclaimed international artist who has a devoted following for his creative outputs.  Steven Stapleton is a British artist and sonic adventurer and the only constant member for the past 30 years of experimental, avant garde band Nurse With Wound. Steve Stapleton is also a graphic artist and painter and has designed many album sleeves and book covers. Under the name, Babs Santini, Stapleton has created the artwork for most of the Nurse With Wound recordings, as well as for other artists, such as Coil, Sand, The Legendary Pink Dots, Current 93 and others.  


With Stapleton’s art it is clear that there is a dark and irreverent vision, not without artistic precedents and contemporaries. The list begins but certainly doesn’t end with Goya, Kurt Schwitters, Max Ernst, Raoul Hausmann, the Dadaists, The Situationists and Martin Kippenberger, artists that defy easy categories and for whom conventions were meant to be upended, lovingly and unexpectedly, used and abused and battered into unconventional and sometimes rather beautiful shapes.


Stapleton is often seen as one of the pioneers of the British industrial music scene, alongside bands such as Throbbing Gristle, Coil and Psychic TV, although in his music he has explored a wide range of styles, including free-form improvisation, musique concrete, drone, folk and even Latin American Dance rhythms. Nurse With Wound is Stapleton’s main outlet for his musical and sound art works, occasionally in collaboration with other musicians such as Coil, Stereolab, SunnO))), Faust, Whitehouse and other underground luminaries. He has also appeared on records by other artists and worked as a producer. He has run the United Dairies record label since 1978, which apart from the Nurse With Wound output, released records by many experimental artists including Irish contemporary composer Roger Doyle’s avant ensemble, ‘Operating Theatre’, legendary improvisation group AMM and krautrock masters Guru Guru. 


We are delighted to have some of Steve’s visual art work displayed in the Gort Framing Studio until December 2108.

This follows his recent one man show , Doing what we Are Told Makes Us free, and sleep concert at the Burren College of Art in May ,2017.

The next images are just a few of Steve’s many album sleeves, this first one uses an image captured on camera by our very own Gort Framer,  Andreas Edler. 



Vanna Shanash-Turner- drawings

Vanna Shanash -Turner has returned to us at The Gort Framing Studio with new work. Vanna will be  exhibiting into the month of October. 

Vanna’s striking pencil drawings are of wildlife, mostly from Africa, where she spent some of her life before coming to Ireland 12 years ago. She has a passion for nature and wildlife, and likes to capture the living essence of everything she draws, paricularily in the eyes, which is her favourite part of a drawing. The eyes often follow the viewer around the room! The Gorilla certainly does. 

She is self taught in her drawing skills. The art works exhibited are drawn in pan pastel and coloured pencil. 


Mountain Gorilla, (Gorilla beringei) , pan pastel and coloured pencil  

Mountain Gorilla, (Gorilla beringei) , pan pastel and coloured pencil  

 “ Pas de Deux” 

 “ Pas de Deux” 

Vana’s art work is for sale and on display at Gort Framing Studio, Gort until mid October.  You are welcome to come in and have a look. 

Deirdre O’Brien paintings

We are delighted to have local artist Deirdre O’Brien exhibiting her paintings in the Gort Framing Studio this month. 


Deirdre is inspired by the unique landscape, seascape and light of the Burren,

where she has lived for nearly 40 years.

 She  paints using a variety of media, concentrating recently on watercolour and oils.


Commissions are welcomed


phone:086 8347291


slideshow of Deirdre’s art work. 

Australian landscape watercolours- a legacy of Albert Namatjira

Exhibiting in the Gort Framing Studio is a collection of landscape watercolours of western Australia, painted in the style of the Hermannsburg School. 

 This movement originated in Alice Springs in the 1970s , bringing to fame Albert Namatjira. These paintings are by his contempories, both emerging and established artists. 


The Hermannsburg School is an art movement, or art style, which began at the Hermannsburg Mission in the 1930s. The best known artist of the style is Albert Namatjira. The movement is characterised by watercolours of western-style landscapes that depict the often striking colours of the Australian outback.


Located 125 km west of Alice Springs, in Central Australia, Hermannsburg was founded by Lutheran missionaries in 1877. The Western Arrernte people have lived in this region for thousands of years. In 1941 Rex Battarbee founded the Aranda Art Group, which controlled the supply of materials and helped handle the business affairs of the emerging artists.


The Hermannsburg painters' work is characterised by soft hues, usually water colours, of their Western Arrernte landscape, which European settlers named the Western Macdonnell Ranges. Previously, Western Arrernte people had only used art in a ceremonial sense, as topographical interpretations of their country and their particular Dreamings, painted using symbols


Early works by Albert also conveyed this spiritual connection with the land. They shared an intimate knowledge of the land on which they had lived for thousands of years. The Ghost Gum features prominently in the works, a sacred and important part of Western Arrernte mythology.


The paintings exhibited here were created across a range of 40 years or so, from the 1970s to the present day. The Hermannsburg style continues to develop and there are many established and emerging artists painting today.


Exhibition runs through April and May 2018. Paintings are for sale and sales help support these emerging artists . 

Artist’s Materials

We now stock a range of artist’s materials. Essential supplies at reasonable prices! A good range of colours of Winston and Newton artist oil paints, watercolour and acrylics, as well as canvases, paper pads, charcoal, and gesso. No need to travel further afield to the big towns for that one tube you have run out of! Parking is usually easily found in front of the shop. For a full list of stock see below...but we will be adding to this stock as time goes on , and when the customer demand is there, so let us know what you would be interested in. 



  Galeria Acrylic are wonderfully affordable and yet impressive in their vibrancy and quality. They are made with a high level of pigment and created opaque versions of some naturally transparent colours. You'll find their texture buttery enough for quick and easy coverage, but thick enough for brush marks to remain, should you want them. 60ml tubes for €4.50 

  • Winton oil paint is bright and beautiful, this affordable range of colours is perfect for artists who need large quantities of colour. All of the tones have been carefully made to bring out the best of each pigment, so you can create bold and vibrant artworks. We think you'll be very pleased with the results. We have a good range of colours , 37ml tubes for €4.50 each. 



The ever popular Cotman Water Colours come in loads of beautiful tones. They're affordable but uncompromising on quality -  they have excellent tinting strength and are easy to work with. We have these 8 ml tubes for €3.35 each 


Reeves Pastel Paper Pads are ideal for your soft or oil pastel works of art. Produced with a great tooth for laying down pastel and repeated layering, each pad has 16 sheets of 180gsm pastel paper, in a selection of light shades (pink, green, yellow, grey). We stock the A3  for €9 


arts materials we have in the shop at the moment include... 

the above paints,

Essential canvases, various sizes from €4.50  

sketch pads, acrylic pads, pastel pads A3 ,  €9 

watercolour pads A4 , €6 


linseed oil

spray varnish - Ghiant H2O Water Based Varnishes give the same results as traditional aerosol-spray varnishes, but have 90 % fewer solvents and 35% fewer VOCs than normal aerosol sprays

boxes of soft pastels, oils pastels, willow charcoal and charcoal pencils.  

a selection of packs of brushes which we will be expanding on. 

Don’t forget to let us know what materials you would be interested in , and we hope to see you in the framing studio soon. 

Regards, Shona and Andreas.  


Aisling O’Leary

Aisling lives in County Galway ,she loves her work as a massage therapist and essence maker in the Resting Tree , Bothar Mor in Galway City. She is inspired by nature and cats. Colour and texture light up her world .

Aisling describes below what inspired her to create the paintings we are presently exhibiting.

Materials include natural dyes, screen paint, acrylics and tissue paper  . 


“At the start of this year, I was approached by the poet, Aoife Reilly. I was so inspired by all of Aoife's poems it took weeks to settle on which ones to paint. I choose ‘August Mullach Mor’ ,’Spring Medicine’ and ‘Hydrogen plus Oxygen’.



After reading them over, I wanted to try and paint the poems. The imagery within the poems felt so naturally familiar: the words had such texture that it was like a creative blood transfusion into my days.



In ‘Spring Medicine’, it was the words. The words bottle the enchanting scent of gorse enchantment in February; when you drink in and hang on to any colour you can find after the blank canvas of winter. It was the watery-ness of ‘Hydrogen plus Oxygen’ - words that explain the feelings of water like, “water laps like a lullaby, my water sears the air”. The crystal clarity and gentle compassion in this poem grabbed me. In “August Mullah Mor”, the poem sounded like a cry: one that awakens a birth right of ever person to be a witness to this amazing life force we have been given .

  Aisling O'Leary


Here you will find three of Aoife Reilly’s poems .


Vanna Shanash-Turner ; pastel and pencil drawings.

We are delighted to host Vanna's first exhibition of her artwork . 

Vanna Shanash-Turner came to Ireland from the U.K in 2006. This proved to be a life-changing experience for her. Prior to that she believed she couldn't draw . Then she went along to an evening class in Art for Beginners in Loughrea...

Vanna has no formal training and is self-taught . The natural world is her greatest inspiration. She strives to capture the essence of each sibject, and to connect the viewer to the beauty and transience of Nature. 



Grey Wolf . Pan pastel and coloured pencil. 

" I love the way the Ethiopian woman is looking so directly at me" , Studio customer

" I love the way the Ethiopian woman is looking so directly at me" , Studio customer


Detail of pen work in "Jayavarman VII "  


Photography exhibition

Currently exhibiting in our Studio gallery is work by photographer Andreas Riemenschneider. Not to be confused with our own Andreas the Framer, but they do have some things in common! Drop into the Studio to have a look at the photographs, we have a few more than listed here. Framed photographic prints €135 each,  approx 60x50 cm. We also have a selection of small mounted prints.

Born in East Germany in 1971, Andreas moved to Ireland in 2001, and has been living (mostly) in the West of Ireland ever since. Photography always interested him, but it wasn't until around 2005 when he started to seriously get into photography. Like most people he started with landscape photography, which is something he still loves to do, but recently he got more into portrait and documenting the here and now.

Andreas' pictures have been published in The Clare Champion, The Clare People, The Irish Farmers Journal, The Guide to the Wild Atlantic Way, and several websites. He shot the album cover for Irish musician Fia Rua's album, The Sky Went Low And The Sea Went High, as well as promotional images for his tour booklet. Not to forget our shop front photo, the one we use for the website and Facebook banner ! 

Framed photographic prints €135 each,  approx 60x50 cm. 


This photograph of the Cliffs Of Moher has an incredible 3d effect when viewed in real life.

This photograph of the Cliffs Of Moher has an incredible 3d effect when viewed in real life.

Galway Hookers .

Galway Hookers .

Andreas also does commercial work if you need someone to cover your event, whether you are looking for a family or a business portrait. You can contact him through email or here at the FramingStudio.

   Award winning portrait by Andreas Riemenscheider

   Award winning portrait by Andreas Riemenscheider


10 Years in business!!

Pete playimg some tunes!

Pete playimg some tunes!

We opened the doors of GortFraming Studio 10 years ago today. Yes, 10years, we had to double check this by looking out the old lease!  To celebrate we launched this new shiny website at a gathering in the shop with friends, family and passing customers yesterday evening. 

Pete Lamb set the atmosphere by playing a good few songs and ended with Prince's Purple Rain. Folk came and went from far and near, and we would like to thank them all for their support, particulary to the family members and friends who have helped out in the studio with everything from customer care to painting the walls. Not forgetting our customers, ranging from renowned international artists to Gort Secondary school's student rug makers.

Our new web site is designed by the very patient Eamon Kerrins (